11.) Sooo I Lost My iPhone…

by malaeakina

Yup. I’m sitting in Dairy Queen eating onion rings, and the next thing I know, my  iPhone is gone. I freaked out, looking for it  everywhere, checking the counters, the trash cans, and everything in between. I was frantic, but  the fact that my iPhone was missing is not even the biggest problem. The problem is my dependency on technology. I felt so lost without having a constant connection to the world. I was uncomfortably checking my pockets to do the most ridiculous things. I was needing to check the time, update my status, hashtag on Twitter, or maybe text my friend about my missing iPhone (not even possible). I was feeling buzzing in my pocket from a nonexistent phone. Am I addicted to this thing?

Today more than ever I felt the weight of the digital age. Would this situation even have happened ten years ago? Definitely not! People were not this dependent on technology. I began to think this was a problem that only I was having, so I went online to do a little bit of research. I found an article from eCampus News that assured me I was not alone. Students from  the University of Maryland were asked to go 24 hours without cellphones, computers, laptops, television, and mp3 players.Many began experiencing symptoms similar to drug withdrawal among drug addicts. Questionable, right? I asked myself why I was feeling this way and I compiled a couple of reasons.

1.) I was having a serious case of FOMO (aka Fear of Missing Out)– this is a term that I became familiar with while reading College Town Lifestyle. FOMO- it leaves you wondering what the hell is going on with the world while you are disconnected. Am I missing out on something awesome right now while having no way for people to contact me? Probably.

2.) I think having a digital presence is important nowadays. Literally, if my best friend does not text me back within 15 minutes, I can safely assume she is dead. I’m just so dialed into the world around me via technology, that not being there feels wrong. If I’m not posting something on Facebook, or Twitter you should also probably assume I’m dead.

3.) Lastly, I use my cell phone for EVERYTHING. I don’t even read real books anymore, I flip through the pages of my kindle. I realized last night that I don’t even have an alarm clock anymore, because I just use my cell phone. Had this phone disappearance occurred on a school day, I would  have been utterly screwed waking up for my 8 am class.

Long story short, I hate how dependent I am on technology. It was a rough 12 hours, but a new iPhone is sitting by my side. I couldn’t even last 24 hours without a phone. It’s pretty pathetic.